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Fig Food is not available in my local store. Can I order online?

At the moment, we do not directly sell our products online. If you do an internet search on the product you’re looking for, you should be able to find an online vendor that does sell it.

Fig Food recently transitioned packaging from a box to a convenient, lightweight pouch. What is this new package made of? Is it BPA free?

Our new bean pouch is made of polyethylene, nylon, aluminum and polypropylene. Our new microwavable soup pouch is made of polyethylene, aluminum oxide and polypropylene. Both are BPA free.

Are the soup pouches microwavable?

Yes! You can now heat up your soups directly in the packaging.

Which products are gluten-free? How do you limit cross contact with gluten containing ingredients?

Many of our products do not contain gluten, but we cannot ensure zero cross contamination from the farm all the way to our package. We are currently working on this, and hope to be unequivocally gluten-free in the future. If you are gluten-free as a lifestyle choice, you might enjoy our Fig Food items that do not include ingredients with gluten.. However, if you have celiac disease, we recommend consulting your physician before consuming our products.

Is there any MSG in any products?

No! We do not use any MSG, MSG analogues (like yeast extract) or any flavor enhancers.

Are your products GMO free?

All of our products are certified organic, which prohibits the use of GMOs. So, yes.

From where do you source your ingredients?

All our beans, lentils, grains and vegetables come from North America. Only our spices and olive oil com from outside North America.

Are there any peanuts or tree nuts processed in your facilities? Are any of your ingredients processed on equipment shared with with peanuts or tree nuts?

Nope, no nuts here (unless you count us!).

Who certifies the products as kosher?

All Fig Food is Certified Kosher by Natural Food Certifiers http://nfccertification.com/

Are your products vegetarian/vegan?

Yes! All Fig Food products are 100% plant-based, and Certified Vegan by Vegan Action http://vegan.org/

What is the shelf life of your products if they remain unopened?

All products are best if used by the expiration date on the package. After that, we cannot guarantee the quality of the product.

How long do your products last after opening?

After opening, treat Fig Food soups and beans like any fresh product. They should last about 3-5 days in the refrigerator.

Have another question that wasn’t answered?

Email moc.doofgifnull@ofni and we’ll try to answer it as quickly as possible.