eat-real-food copyBecause our health is at stake. We’re not being dramatic, the personal well being of each individual as well as that of the planet is at risk – and we’ve moved well past the point of debate. It is time to return to practicing a few things the way we did before the advent of processed food and industrialized agriculture.  We need to slow down and place far greater value on conscious eating rather than eating based on convenience and cost.

Real systemic change starts with each individual and our everyday choices. Perhaps the most fundamental of human activities, food requires decision-making which impacts our personal health and the environment. Food affects our economy and supply chain – but more than that, it shapes our values and approach to living life. We’ve entered an era where, for all the right reasons, consumers are asking the hard questions: how and where our food is grown; how it is prepared; whether or not anything has been added to it.

A more holistic mindset is emerging and changing how people approach food. This includes where people choose to invest their time and resources in quality, wholesome ingredients and food preparation. The organic lifestyle, slow cooking movement, efforts to lower our carbon footprint, and personal/private/governmental sustainability trends are redefining our culture and here to stay.

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