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Investing in Fig Food offers a tangible step to meaningfully change your health, your environment and your future. Two stories running side-by-side in yesterday’s (3/24/15) Wall Street Journal crystallized that for me.

One story highlighted the link uncovered by the WHO between glyphosate (“Roundup”) and cancer, and Monsanto’s (the creator of Roundup) vociferous disagreement with the findings. As is too often the case, Monsanto sought to discredit the findings with hyperbole rather than substantive counter arguments.

Fig Food’s focus on North American, organic agriculture offers an alternative to glyphosate-driven agriculture. And we need your help. Organic planted acreage is declining in the United States due to the political clout of companies like Monsanto. You can make a difference by investing in Fig Food Co., companies committed to organic agricultural practices.

Adjacent to the glyphosate article was an article entitled “’Eat Right’ Meltdown for Kraft Singles”. The article noted the controversy about the use of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ “Kids Eat Right” logo on Kraft Singles. As Jon Stewart joked, “the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is an academy in the same way this is cheese,” pointing to a package of Kraft Singles.

I am not calling into question the seriousness of this academy. I am pointing out that our food system is under siege with misinformation. And one of the best ways to confront this siege is by investing in Fig Food. We seek not only to succeed with our line of plant-based, organic food, but also through educating and advocating for healthy eating and organic agriculture.

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